Personal Tutors

Personal tutors, module tutors and your lecturers can all offer you help and support.

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You will be assigned a Personal Tutor at the start of your studies. Usually this person will stay with you across your entire degree and afterwards, as you will probably ask them to be a referee for job/postgraduate course applications.

You will meet with your Personal Tutor to catch-up on your progress once a term, but your tutor will offer up more regular drop-in slots for you as and when you need them. In addition, you will come together as tutor group with other students from your programme to work through activities designed to support your academic development.

The relationship you build with your Personal Tutor is really important, from helping you to settle into student life, right through to preparing you for after your studies. Your Personal Tutor provides you with opportunity to regularly take stock of your learning and academic progress, as well as generally well-being.

The specific nature of the tutorial support offered differs from School to School and sometimes between courses.

The University also offers more general student advice, support for Wellbeing and English Language support. Each subject has one or more Subject Librarians who can help with both general and some subject specific study skills.

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