Academic reading

Academic reading is a key part of independent study at university and an essential skill to develop.

Learning at Lincoln - Close-up of the spines of variety of colourful books.

“University requires more independent work – at the start, you may be set reading prep for seminars but all in all, students are expected to tailor reading personally to what they wish to specialise in. This results in students getting the most from their degree as they are working on an area that interests them and not just because they are made to do so.”

– Rebecca Louise Hepworth – 3rd year Events Management

The amount of academic reading you will be expected to do will vary from course to course, but it is still likely to make up a large proportion of your independent study time. Whether you prefer reading a hard or an online copy, being able to digest information in good time will be a valuable skill.

Throughout your course, you are likely to need to undertake a wide variety of reading including essential texts recommended by your lecturer and academic journal articles.

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