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Tips on how to approach your reading list

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Most courses will have reading lists, which are normally made up of compulsory and suggested books, journals, articles and other reference materials which your tutors have compiled for you to read as part of your module.

Reading lists are often part of your module handbook/guide, but may also be found in a separate document which you will usually be able to access online.

Here are some tips from Carrie Pendle, 3rd year Fine Art, on how to approach reading lists:

  • You don’t have to buy ALL of the books on the reading list! It is good to be organised. However, you don’t have to own all of these books – the majority will be available in the library, either as physical copies or ebooks, which you can use as and when you need them. Decide on a few books which you find particularly useful or relevant and buy these rather than the entire list.
  • Make a note of books/articles that you have found particularly useful. When it comes to writing assessments or assignments you can go back and revisit your shortlist.
  • Find time to do further reading. It can be so beneficial to your learning, not just in your current studies but also in your future learning.

Take a look at Carrie’s full article, University reading lists: What you need to know, and see if you agree with everything that she suggests.

Library resources

All the reading lists that are available can be accessed from the link to Reading Lists on the top right hand menu on the Library website or use the direct link to search reading lists:

You can search by module code, module title or module coordinator.  The reading lists will indicate what is currently the recommended reading for this academic year so please be aware that there may be some changes to them for next year. The reading lists will be updated ready for the new academic year so it is advised that you don’t purchase and books before your reading list is confirmed.

You can also access Your online reading lists.

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