Methods for intensive reading

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SQ3R – Survey, question, read, recall and review

This method can help with intensive reading.

Survey: Note down the full details of the source you are reading (author, title etc.) Have a quick look through the book or chapter or article to get a rough idea what it is about. If it is a book, have a look at the contents page and index.

Question: Think about the questions you are trying to answer after reading this piece of text. The survey you have just done and your own needs, for example, an assignment title, will help you do this.

Read: Once you have some useful questions, then it becomes easier to find the answers to your questions and read those bits carefully, perhaps making a few notes.

Recall: Write down the answers to all your questions without looking back at the piece of text or your notes.

Review: Return to the piece of text and check your answers are correct. Go over anything incorrect or which could not be answered and amend your notes.

Using this method will help you to read actively and to make notes in your own words.

Remember to write down the details of all the books, articles and websites you use so they can be referenced and returned to.

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