New to critical thinking?

Learning at Lincoln - Close-up of iPad on top of a notebook.

If the concept of critical thinking is new to you, try seeing yourself as a member of a jury who has to weigh up the evidence presented by both the defence and the prosecution team. As a juror, you need to analyse information and evaluate different arguments presented to you whilst keeping an open mind. You will need these same skills as a critical thinker.

To develop your critical thinking skills, listen to radio phone-ins on topical issues and/or read the letters page in a newspaper. Think about the arguments the callers/readers are making. Are the arguments well-reasoned and logical or are the callers/readers making sweeping statements and generalisations? Are the callers using language as a way of persuading the listener to their point of view? Are they using evidence to back up their arguments and is the evidence credible?

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