Your digital footprint

Learning at Lincoln - A man in a blue shirt holding an iPhone.

We leave digital footprints behind us whenever we use the internet. This means that everywhere we go online is recorded somewhere and information we upload can find its way into the public domain or be shared with third parties, even if it is only intended for family and friends. If in doubt, check your privacy settings and the data sharing policy of the service you are using.

Ensure that you have a professional online profile

Continually bear in mind the potentially public nature of the internet, in particular in terms of your employability. Also, make sure you have a professional personal email address. No potential employer, or anyone in a position of responsibility, wants to see addresses like or appearing in their email box. Quirky email addresses might be fun for family and friends but they are unsuitable professionally. Use a more formal email address when contacting prospective employers, mentors or tutors, otherwise the impression you give may be very different from the one you were hoping to create!

‘Am I hired?’

You can also check how your social media appears to potential employers using the University’s ‘Am I hired?’ tool.

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