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Before you get to university and in the first few weeks of arriving here searching the internet can seem like a great way to find out about Lincoln, what to do here and the people you might be living with.

Some companies on the web and especially on Facebook may try to collect your personal details online. This may include flatmate finders, friend-finding schemes or tools to help you to find work.

The University of Lincoln strongly advises that you do not share your personal information, especially your address, online. Be warned that, if you do share personal details, there is a risk that they be may be passed on to third parties or even made publicly accessible for everyone to see.

Just follow these three simple steps to avoid this happening:

  1. If you have questions regarding your accommodation, please get in touch with the Accommodation Office directly or online. You can call them on +44 (0)1522 886214 or check out more information on the University of Lincoln website.
  2. You can safely meet new friends on the official University Friends for Life page or via the official University of Lincoln Students’ Union Facebook page without the fear of being exploited. But, don’t worry about meeting people, you will be able to get involved in official Students’ Union Welcome Week activities as soon as you arrive in Lincoln.
  3. If you want to find employment opportunities or get advice on your future career, please visit the University’s official Careers site or the Employability pages on the Students’ Union’s website.

Sharing your personal details online could leave you vulnerable during your time in Lincoln and the University of Lincoln and the Students’ Union advise you not to give companies permission for this to happen.

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