Time management and organisation

It's not just about making it to lectures on time.

Learning at Lincoln - Small white clock, notepad, pen and smartphone positioned in line on white desk.

Whether its balancing deadlines, making it to lectures on time or just keeping all your notes in one place, being able to effectively manage your time and stay organised is a big part of independent learning and a skill that will certainly make university much easier.


You are expected to attend all of your timetabled lectures, but if you cannot make it, it is very important that you contact your tutor ahead of a seminar or lecture and explain and provide a reason for non-attendance. This can be done easily by sending them an email. If you do not attend without notification you will be marked on the register as absent. Continuous absence will require further investigation and students will be asked to explain their non-attendance to their tutor.

Adapted from My Academic Student Survival Guide, written by Dr Hanya Pielichaty – Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Department of Marketing and Tourism Lincoln International Business School

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