Deadlines and submissions

At university you will be expected to submit your assessed work on time and in the correct format and style.

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Student Services have developed several different mechanisms to help support you as you approach your exams and assessments. Continued support for your academic studies during Covid-19.

Your module assessments will be scheduled by your tutors and explained on Blackboard. It is your responsibility to complete the work and hand it in on time.  You might find it helpful to use the online calendar that comes with your email account or a wall planner to plan your time as it is likely that you will be working on multiple assessments that are due close together – see Time management and organisation.

Handing in work on time

You must make every attempt to hand your work in on time – it is your responsibility to ensure work submitted online or handed in at the course office is received ahead of the deadline. If you do submit a piece of work late, for every day it is late, a penalty deduction will be taken from your overall mark.


Extensions will be granted to students who have genuine reasons for not being able to meet assignment deadlines. You can find out how to request an extension by contacting your School Administrator. If you are unsure how to contact your School, you can email who will put you in touch with them.

Adapted from My Academic Student Survival Guide 2017-18, written by Dr Hanya Pielichaty – Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Department of Marketing and Tourism Lincoln International Business School

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