Using Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a useful tool for collaborating with others academically – you can call, chat and share documents easily and securely.

This tool will come with your Office 365 package that you have access to as a student.

You are likely to be using this frequently throughout your studies as it’s a great way to keep in regular contact with your tutor and course-mates.

As well as being available to install on your desktop computer or laptop, you can also download it as an app on your phone, enabling you to contact staff or course-mates in a way that is more like sending a text than writing out a full email.

To access and download Teams via your university Office 365 account, simply take the following steps:

  • Go to
  • In the Applications section, click on Office 365 (this will open a new tab)
  • Then, click on the Teams icon
  • From here, you can then click on the ‘Get the app’ purple icon and download the app ready to use

If any teaching event (in Panopto, Collaborate or MS Teams) is recorded, you do not need to share your camera or audio if you choose not to. Participation is voluntary, but we recommend engaging with the teaching as much as you can to make sure you get the most out of the learning experience. The videos created are made for and shared with your module cohort to benefit your studies. 

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