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Online learning has played a key role in higher education for some time now, but this year it will be even more central to your studies, alongside face to face teaching.

This blended approach will take a variety of forms and this may be very different from how you have been previously been taught. The use of different digital tools and platforms, including some like Microsoft Teams that are commonly used in a professional environment, will provide you with skills and experience that will help you in your future career.

Tips and advice to help you get the most from your studies

Getting into a good routine will be important with your days split between on-campus and online sessions, so plan your days carefully, making sure you can access both without any issues. Take a look at these time management tips from current students to help get you thinking along the right lines.

If you’re working at home, distractions can be much harder to avoid, so it’s important to understand how you work best and what keeps you motivated and on task. These student tips on studying and avoiding procrastination should help.

Finding a suitable place to study can help you to be more productive, so have a think about which study spaces could work best for you – whether it’s a quiet space at home or somewhere busier on campus.

You can use tools such as Teams or Blackboard Collaborate to communicate with your course mates and stay connected. These tools are ideal for group work or for collaborating and supporting each other.

Of course, technical issues are bound to happen along the way – use your problem solving skills and your initiative in these situations. But don’t give up if you can’t access an online lecture or a link isn’t working – the University’s support teams will be there to help. You can contact the ICT support team helpdesk by emailing

Troubleshooting Problems With Online Teaching & Learning – Doc | PDF

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