Whether you're in a seminar, a lecture, a workshop or a lab, at university, you are much more actively involved in your learning.

Learning at Lincoln - A close-up of a group of people sat around a table taking notes.

Given the number of different approaches to teaching, these will take a variety of different forms. These may be online or in person, within a one-to-one or group tutorial, a seminar, practical laboratory, a lecture, or workshop, or within a digital learning space. Each has its benefits and knowing these will help you to make the link between for learning approach and the method of teaching delivery.

Whatever our approach to teaching, we construct it in such a way that ensures your learning is optimised and you are actively involved.

Learning is therefore a collaborative activity between you, your peers and your teacher. Some teaching approaches require you to learn in large groups, whilst others in small groups or even one-to-one, aimed at personalising your learning.

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