Whether you're in a seminar, a lecture, a workshop or a lab, at university, you are much more actively involved in your learning.

Learning at Lincoln - A close-up of a group of people sat around a table taking notes.

“University lectures and seminars form the foundation of a topic, and it was up to me to build on it myself. This may sound daunting, and it can be at first for some making the jump from A-Level to Degree, but, the reward for putting in the effort is worth it – broadening your horizons and giving a real sense of achievement.”

– Andrew Quann – MA Sports Journalism

“At university, your course content tends to be taught to much larger groups – in a lecture situation the lecturer stands at the front and students take notes. Many courses also conduct seminars, whereby they discuss topics centred around a reading that was set prior to the seminar. This allows students to come prepared to discuss a topic with other students, and the lecturer in this situation only acting as a guide, meaning they are much more student led.”

– Rebecca Louise Hepworth – 3rd year Events Management

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