Many science students spend time in laboratories, running experiments using a variety of scientific techniques.

Learning at Lincoln - A row of micro-scopes on lap desks.

A science-based degree means time working in a laboratory where you will run experiments to test your hypothesis.

Lab work gives you the opportunity to use scientific techniques and equipment to enhance your studies. Once you have undertaken the mandatory health and safety talk during Welcome Week, read and signed the lab safety manual, you will then be allowed access to the labs for your practical sessions.

Don’t worry, you will be supported in the use of the labs and the equipment, and you will be told about any equipment you might need, such as a lab coat, before you arrive.

All laboratory/workshop safety equipment is pre-paid by the University, and your equipment will be available for you to collect during your first week – you will be given further details about how to order your equipment before enrolment.

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