A lecture is one of the staple forms of teaching and normally involves an academic explaining a concept or topic to a large group of students.

Learning at Lincoln - Chris Packham delivering a lecture in Cargil lecture theatre, University of Lincoln.

What is a lecture?

Lectures are more formal information sessions which usually last 50 minutes and typically take place in one of the main lecture theatres. Lectures normally contain all of the students taking your degree and perhaps even other students taking the same module but for a different degree.

Your module lecturer will present to you information about the chosen subject and you are expected to listen and take notes at your discretion. It is important that you turn up to lectures on time and with the appropriate resources, i.e. paper, pen, lecture slides (if pre-released). Every lecturer will have their own lecturing style and expectations of you, make sure you ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand.

Adapted from My Academic Student Survival Guide 2017-18, written by Dr Hanya Pielichaty – Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Department of Marketing and Tourism Lincoln International Business School

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