Module handbooks and timetables

Module handbooks help guide your studies and timetables tell you where and when your lectures and seminars will be taking place.

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On your timetable, you will be able to see which modules you are taking in the year. Each module will have its own Module Handbook which outlines your module schedule, recommended reading and assessment information. You are expected to read this handbook prior to beginning the module.

Every student has their own timetable, telling you where and when your lectures, seminars, workshops and/or labs will take place. You will be expected to carry out independent study around your timetabled classes to develop your understanding of the topics covered.

Timetables and handbooks will normally be made available to you via Blackboard, the University’s virtual learning environment, once you are enrolled.

Adapted from My Academic Student Survival Guide, written by Dr Hanya Pielichaty – Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Department of Marketing and Tourism Lincoln International Business School

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